Does your clinical staff spend too much time performing non patient related administrative tasks?

Are you tired of inefficiant spreadsheets, whiteboards, binders, hallway walking, door knocking and unnecessary interruptions?

Designed by health professionals for health professionals, eSummit understands and manages the complexities of todays complex clinical care departments. With eSummit department management and governance is maintained close to the point of care. At the same time eSummit offers the enterprise standards and analytics required by administators and corporate leaders. With eSummit all of your clinical resource information is effectivly managed so that all departments are appropriatly staffed and your clinical areas efficiantly running.

Eliminate duplication, streamline administrative functions and reduce the amount of time leaders, supervisors and staff spend performing non patient care related tasks.

eSummit fully integrates room management, employee rotations, daily work area assignment(s) and all other aspects of staff management including competency management, vacation planning, team management, union rules guidance, sick, overtime, on-call, project work, daily communication and variance reporting to significantly reduce duplication, time and cost while at the same time promoting transparency and collaboration across all layers of an organization.

"eSummit Does for Department Level Clinical Administation What the Electronic Medical Record did for Patient Charting."

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